Different sets for different tables.

This is an article about different diner sets on different styles, for you to change the table according to occasion.

1. In one way or another, during our lifetime, all of us collect some objects from different houses we lived, different moments, styles and moods that we were up to.    To be able to set a nice table using all those different  pieces its an art.    But the day by day table can match all those experiences and underline our memory back in a charming way.   So, lets try to make it fun.


2.  Its fun to mix all the vintage cups and plates you could find.  They match together and even if the colours and shapes are different, this makes it even more differentiated.


3.  You can mix drawings with plain colours, with clean design.   Works very good day by day when you just want to have a small twist. From Pillivuyt.


4 . You can use nice tablecloth, neutral or contrasting one and distribute these incredible Scandinavian design set.  From Lucie Kaas.


5.  Want less drawings?  Nice line from .. in different colours. From Rosenthal.




6. Want to impress a little bit?  Try this one in organic format, Molosco dinner set, from Laura Lewinsky.


7. From Villeroy-Boch, the New Wave collection, very trendy.


Hope you like my tips and get inspired to always renovate your table.   Please give me some comments below and enjoy!!