Trends in decoration, Sao Paulo circuit.

April is starting, season changes, new fabrics, new colors and textures challenge our imagination and help us create a different atmosphere in decoration and architecture. Here, a stroll through the most fancy shops of Sao Paulo city and we can quickly manage to list 6 trends that should remain for a long time on interior styling.

Here they are:

  1. Revetments on the walls: more and more we cover our walls with unused materials, such as tiles and ceramics, textures, ceramic volumes, special paintings. It is worth exploring the lighting in the combination of these elements, to further enhance the volumes produced.

  2. The colors of the season: it seems that even the greens in various shades have settled, from the paler to the deeper, the vintage and soft pale rose, the depend striking dark chocolate brown.   Three of them combined, or coming with neutral tones help to give an up lift in any ambient.

  3. Velvet:  the velvet has once again become an absolute trend in decoration. However, it resurfaces in contemporary surroundings, in furniture such as sofas and armchairs, curtains, cushions and dining chairs … But be careful, not everything at the same time, without excess it helps to put some points of color and personality, giving a hint of irony and daring to any room.
  4. Natural fibers: always present, natural or synthetic fibers, are strong presence in the combination of internal and external ambients. Not only in the furniture, such as tables and armchairs, but also present in domes of abatjours, curtains, cushions, rugs and accessories.
  5. Lighting Effects:   lighting today is one of the most important tools for enhancing interior and exterior design.  A dramatic one point lighting helps to value a corner, a piece, a detail in such a way that we feel immediately connected to it, without knowing exactly why.  Luminaries of different design anchor and draw the environment.

  6. Audacity in dining rooms:  the use of chairs around the dining table has always been established as monotonous distribution of equal models and colors. The current trend is to combine different chairs or equal chairs in different fabrics, or even fabrics in different arrangements … the use of the bench on one side as an alternative also adds to the charm in this environment that has always been notoriously traditional.

So, do you think you can absorb and use one or more of these trends in your home? Without exaggeration, remember that everything is a matter of balance. What matters is that the ambient is pleasant and reflects the personality of those who live there.

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