How to bring good energy to your home

It was after reading a book from Marie Kondo named “The life-changing magic of typing up” ( that I decided to write about how you can change your prosperity, without spending a single pen.    She introduces the book like “Kondo challenges you to ask yourself whether each object you have is achieving a purpose. Is it propelling you forward or holding you in the past?”    And this is really the start for everything.

Several times I entered an old house/apartment and immediately felt a wave of strange feelings just roll over my mind, together with a deep smell of dust and great doses of old camphor.    When someone decides to rebuild a house/apartment is very probable to have in mind to get rid of, if not all, but great part of the old stuff, with the meaning of starting all over again.    But, not always.   And many houses/apartments does not have to be old to seem like this.   Actually people has a tendency of collecting immense amounts of objects during lifetime, perhaps afraid of not being able to buy it new again?    Oppppsss.. there is a clue here that can lead us to the answer.

According to Feng Shui, and ancient Chinese philosophy, if we feel afraid of not being able to get the things we need in future, we send a message to our brain and it is really what happens.   There is a circular energy involved on buying, using and disposing things.    Its a circulating and vibrant energy in connection with the infinite.    When we just decide to keep things because we are afraid to loose it, the energy stops, and we stop achieving new things.   New friends, new jobs, new ideias, new opportunities, new impressions.    This is the cosmos answering to our movement, in and out energy.

So, you really want to give a movement into your life?   Want things to go up front and have a breath of new fresh air?   Just look around you and see.   Do you have more than you need?   Most of people do.    The excess is the reason to stop energy to flow through all spaces with no obstacles, cause truly we do not need so much to be happy.  All the rest is superfluous and will be resting some place destroying our energy flow.   The Feng shui consultants says that keeping the ambients tidy and clean is the key to have nice peaceful energy around you.

Having too many things or a bigger house than we actually need, turns to make us tired, irritated, persons with few vitality.   On the other way, when we give away good part of the objects that we do not need anymore we become more light, happy and easy going.

So,  are you ready?  Lets get started!

  1. First we must remove everything from the room we want to rearrange.   Everything.    Give it a good clean and start to arrange things inside again.   Hold every item and feel if you need this really much or if it brings you lots of joy.   If not, put it away.   You can make too piles: one to garbage and one to give (or sell) away.    Take some time and sort out what will remain and arrange by categories.   It will be more easy to find after.
  2. Change the position of the furniture, if possible.  That old chair that lied on the same corner for years can really be nice if put close to the window.   And the main sofa that was always in front of the big wall, can be perfectly rearranged on transversal position creating a good atmosphere with the other chairs in same angle.   Carefully place every big parts first, then the carpets and the smaller things.    Remember, just what you really need or have a special joy for.
  3. Small things can be arranged in boxes, baskets or shelves properly labeled.   There are a lot of options on the market in different prices and Im sure you can find somethings that matches with your house style and attends your storage demands.
  4. Never keep broken or damage things at home.    Im not sure where I read this before, but I kept this rule since I got my first house.    This beautiful old porcelain cup that your mother gave to you…  There is a little crack beside…  sorry, but trash it.   The expensive plate that will make only 5 of your 6 set diner table with a small splinter beside… garbage.   Its not always easy, but its part of the process and when you adjust your mind to this, it will be automatic.   Instead of suffering every time you open the closet or set the table, if you can’t repair anyhow, please do it like a favor for yourself: eliminate from your life.

  5. Leakages and humidity has to be fixed.    This is something really important, its taking all your energy away.   If not immediate fixing, make a good plan for this and do not let it go.   The walls that are possibly damage has to have a layer or two of painting.  Take the opportunity to use a different colour and make a nice corner from this.   Transform something negative on very positive and nice.
  6. Just give a check on the lights too, dead bulbs must be replaced immediately.  If you think there is a corner or a point that is not perfectly lighted, you can change it for a stronger bulb, or change the angle of the closest spotlight.    Placing an indirect light on the floor is an easy way to fix dark corners.
  7. Keep the ambients clean and fresh.   Try to use some aromatic essences on your cleaning stuff, use some drops on toilet paper, candles in toilets, spray essences on your closet and good smelling products to clean floor and mirrors.   Clean house smell does really exists.
  8. Please never, really never, in any circumstances use artificial plants.   No matter how beautifully made they look, how close to the real ones they seem.   No.    They are not real, they collect dust and keep the energy stopped  wherever they are.   There are several natural interior plants in many different sizes and textures, Im sure you can find something that fits in your space and pocket.    If you have a little toilet that has no windows, just use small glass vases with a flower or two really delicate, but alive.   Plants and animals are very good to make the energy floats and circulate.

  9. And most of all, use.   Use your spaces, live them, invite friends, make groups and enjoy your house.  Nothing is more boring that a sofa that is always perfect, or cushions that never has to be fluffed, or tables with no stains.    To live is to create marks of nice moments, it to remember stories of nice friends, is to use and feel all the good energy around.   Enjoy!!!

I hope these tips are useful to you and if not, I’’d love to know what your approach is.