Why to use an architect?

Everything is architecture, although nobody is aware of it: where we work, where we live, where we shop, where we study, when we go to the theater or play sports …  We are in contact with architecture all the time, daily exposed to its effects, good or bad depending on the quality of the projects that surrounds us.

We often hear that architecture only makes projects more expensive.    That the architects usually add a series of complexities – arbitrary and capricious – that could be avoided in order to reduce costs and that the project would continue to function exactly the same without all of them.     Does this happen in all cases?

Even though possibly more economically profitable, normal persons do not seem to be happy inhabiting cool ‘boxes’ of concrete.    Without receiving sunlight or wind breeze when needed, or in unsafe neighborhoods where there is no possibility to meet with friends and family outdoors.    Quality in architecture is an important value that, sooner or later, will deliver something in return.

The key is in the balance and a good design will never be complete if it is not efficient beyond the economic point of view.    A combination between form, function and materials can transform any problematic situation into a successful project.

Here I selected a some projects that I think are self explaining of how much the architects interferences are fundamental for the final quality of any kind of projects, for any budget size, or any specifications.     Worldwide.

The project above is an successful interior renovation in an old construction, with a very modern result.   The interference here is primordial to get such result with contrast and comfortable use of the spaces.

The ‘Iceberg’ design in Aarhus, Denmark above, is a project that managed to convince the authorities and investors when proposing a high impact design and a limited budget, which in its form seeks to fully meet the goal of guaranteeing the quality of life of its users and neighbours.   Its a good example of how much the quality of the design can bring to a significant amount of people.

Architecture 8

Glass extension

With far more information and experience, the architects in general are able to suggest different kind of solutions, with a better performance of the materials and better optimisation of timeline and budget.

On outside areas, gardens, entrances, terraces, the choices are as much important as the rest of the ambients, and a complete overview of the materials available in the market plus the right proportions that only an professional can define, provides the complete desired atmosphere.

So next time you think about renovating old spaces or creating new ones, have in mind that the architect is the person to transform your ideas into best solution.

Hope you liked this article.    Please give me some comments below, I want to know your opinion about how the architects influence your world.   See you!!!!