How to style small tiny bathrooms, tips.

Small bathrooms always needs more attention than other parts of the house.   First because there are a lot more necessary things to store there, belongings from our daily life that has to be correctly stored.    After that, its a place the we use several times a day, and many times shared with co livers, or guests.  Here I will name 10 things important to remember when you built or rebuilt your bathroom.

1. Don’t be afraid of using colours.   They can change completely the atmosphere of your room and can turn a boring bathroom into a sophisticated space.

2. There are needs to be space for towels and toilet paper, and plenty of people have pretty bath salts and such, too. Open storage is perfect for that.   There is almost always a spot for a shelf or two, even if a full cabinet wouldn’t fit… And by moving pretty things to the open shelves, it frees up your cabinet space for all those not-so-pretty bathroom essentials.

3. Explore baskets and other storage items that can give your toilet a fancy look.

4. Big mirrors are magical.  They open and multiply the space, duplicate the light and draws your attention away from how close the walls are.

5. Minimize visual obstructions with a glass shower wall.

I highly recommend to anyone struggling with space to use transparent shower glass.  This wall glass has to be completely neutral and almost desapear inside the bathroom settings.

6. Use small, simple and nice quality toilet sets.

By focusing on quality and simplicity, we were able to make the space feel elegant but not over-crowded.   And the design will turn out to be a great support for your ideas.

7. Create light effects.

Since the bathroom or toilet is small, use the correct lamps helps you to create a dramatic effect, highlighting exactly what you want.

9. Hidden cabinets.

Storage places are never enough, so try to create new hidden spaces behind mirrors.

10. Explore new materials.   Even with a small space, it is possible to explore and use inventive materials on walls, floor or ceiling.

Hope you enjoy the tips, and next time you are thinking about refreshing your bathroom, use your imagination and make something really awesome!!!

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