Searching for a wow factor for your walls?

You finished your interior, bought nice furniture, used expensive materials, the curtains and carpets in place… but, something seems to be missing.

What could possibly be?

Wall art is, for sure, not for everywhere, it’s not anywhere.   But some key places that have to be outstanding.   Have to create an impression, have to look special, have to have the wow factor.

If this is what are you searching, here you have several different ways to get the look.

It can be a big step going from painted walls to wallpaper, but I can assure you that you’ll never regret.  Choosing the right feature, will bring your interior to another level!!

Give a look on this selection, and after this there will be no more boring walls in your home.

Living room

Classic composition in a neutral colors pallete.

Renascimento 1

Neutral browns in a contemporary scenery gives a sophisticated atmosphere to these walls.

Tropical 3

Half wall, with a fresh green composition, contrasting with the white sofas.

Tropical 4

Modern features as this intime room fits well with the botanic theme on the wall paper.

Sala de jantar

How nice effect is created from the back wall of this dining room.

Renascimento 4

Restaurants and public spaces also benefits from the combination between classic and modern.

Dorm 4

Perfect solution for this bedroom, where the artwork does not compete with the rest of the elements.

Renascimento 2

Classical elements are timelss and match different features.


Along the high walls is even more eays to create  your wow art work frame.

Mural Wall papers today have an infinity of images, textures and great graphic quality, so you can find patterns for every inspiring corner you can imagine.  There are some fabulous new wallpaper designers creating wonderful works of art for our walls.

Easy to apply, non-woven wallpapers have a “paste the wall” technology which basically means the backing paper doesn’t expand when it gets wet.   And easy to remove, as they come off in one piece, since its made from synthetic and natural fibers, which makes it tear-resistant also.   Some are washable, meaning that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Banheiro 1

Printing shops can make stickers on demand, on the material and the size you need.


One art work is enough to change all the personality of the room.


If you have high traffic areas or are looking to wallpaper your bathrooms or kitchens, vinyl wallpaper is perfect. Its composed of a paper layer with a printed vinyl film on top. It’s easily cleaned, so can be used in kid’s bedrooms or corridors.   Vinyl Stickers are usually cheaper and are available for thematic purposes, as sports, kids, nature, photo effects, cartoons.

Quadro 2

A picture or graphic production glued directly on the wall, what an idea!


Absolutely amazing solution, for pictures !

fotos 2

Old pictures creates a vintage atmosphere, try to combine with soft colors.

Painting directly on the wall with ink or special pens, is an expressive way to personalize your walls, as the art wall showed below.   There are a number of artists that use this background to create their works of art.  The best surface for a mural is a flat, plastered and painted wall.


Directly on the wall, some art works use only pens.


Black and white combination, many artists use this kind of background to express.

I would say how a room makes you feel is just as important as how it looks. Wall murals will provide your home with a show stopping design element that will grasp yours and your guest’s imagination.

Here some links that you can visit and find more inspiration, when searching a good quality mural wall paper.

I’m sure after these ideas you can find a way to spruce up you home décor without draining your wallet.

All pictures from pinterest.

Please leave your comments below and tell me if you have any doubts about mural art inside your home!