Pallets, the new use for old wood…

Incredible to think that we can make such good use from old wood pieces, that industries and companies disposed of after lots of use, having no idea how to get rid of them…  Ok, here you’ll find nice ideas how to use this cheap and creative material,  and to transform it to something really trendy..  Lets see..


Many artists use this type of material to express their art,  and create an industrial atmosphere with is a nice combination with high ceiling, hanging lamps and the use of rough furniture.


In commercial areas can be used for exposition and storage.  Perfect if used for food spaces, creating and atmosphere of old warehouses paired with rough breads or pizzas..




With a little bit of imagination you can create several different ways of using and improving the pallets in many ways…


If you liked the ideas, please leave some comments below.  I would love to know what do you think about it.  See you!!