25 corner coffee bars to get inspired of…

If there is a drink that is appreciated from  people from all over the world is the coffee! Loved by many, it is the daily companion that gives you that mood, whether at work, at home or on the street. Easy to prepare, it heats, gives you energy and a feeling of warmth, besides the delicious and unmistakable aroma. And if you are one of our daily coffee supporters, nothing better than having a special little spot in your house for your tasting and tasting, is not it?

It can be in a corner of the kitchen, close to a dining room or TV room, in the home office or even in a corridor, you decide! To have a coffee bar does not need much: a cart, dresser, a coffee table and lots of different supplies!

In fact you can organize and decorate as you want, with pictures, posters, plants, mugs, signs and so on, according to your style and the complete settings of your apartment.  The important is to have a nice and charming decoration to bring to this corner a reall feeling of comfort and cosiness.

Even the varanda or a small terrace can hold a cosy coffee bar and you’ll be suprised to see how much people will comment and appreciate this ambients.



Well, if you have any home or office good ideas, please give me a word and send pictures. I will be more than glad to share 🙂

If you are just like me, and does not have the coffee bar corner yet, lets to work!   And have a nice coffee break!!