Awesome small bedrooms.

Sometimes small spaces can look very charming!!   I selected some nice bedrooms to give an idea as colours, mirrors, nice linen bedclothes, small details can make a big difference when you are designing your bedroom.  Give a look on these nice spots..

Narrow walls can become cozy if you can have your objects and things you need around.

If the height of the ceiling allows, the use of the bed on a mezzanine can release a lot of space for other things.

You can create a romantic soft atmosphere using curtains like this.

For a modern apartment with not so much space, just a niche with a door can be charming and create enough privacy.

Under the stairs is always an alternative to have a cozy corner to sleep or to relax.

Again if the high ceiling allows…

Seems to me that the smallest rooms are the most inviting corners to be in.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas!!   Please tell me what you think about small bedrooms on the comments below.   See you soon!!