Velvet, a new old trend is back.

One of the oldest fabrics in history, used in Europe since the Middle Ages – first in fashion, then in decoration – the velvet has returned to the interiors and is in trend in 2017. Synonymous with sophistication and nobility, the fabric is comfortable and soft, bright and colourful, bringing to interiors a lot of personality, a hint of irony and boldness without measure.

The velvet was first produced in India, made in manual looms from the silk finer. Later, it was also produced in Italy, where the factories of Venice, Florence, Genova and Milan gained worldwide fame. The origin of the name comes from the Latin “vellus”, which means “by” or “tufted”. It is a dense weave fabric with soft and soft texture.

At present, the velvet – even the wet! – appears with the goal of bringing yet another layer of visual information to the environment and a dose of history. In some cases it adds shine and in others evokes vintage perfume.

As in the fashion world, velvet has once again become an absolute trend in decoration. In the meantime, it resurfaces in a contemporary setting that resembles classic rooms full of elaborate ornaments in which the material used to inhabit.

The point is that, in general, velvet is a “warm” fabric. Should not be usually wear velvet on beach decorations, or in environments that requires a lighter coating.   However, today there are velvets that in the composition have cotton and bamboo, making it a fresher coating and with it, more versatile in use.

It is currently in use not only in sofas and chairs, but in curtains, pillows, blankets, bedheads and bed clothes.   I picked some cool samples to illustrate the look and the feeling that velvet softness can bring to your home.   Hope you like.




Veludo 3

Wet beige velvet in an 70’s atmosphere, with the brown curtain.

veludo 1

Nice wet guava colour velvet, with 60’s design chair.

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