Ideas to create a picture wall.

I think that it is an art to organize and hang pictures or photos on walls, in different sizes and shapes, in a way they look fantastic and unique.   You can also make collages and put them all in one big frame with different graphics and designs.   All together can match, if you really respect some rules.   There are a lot of ideas available regarding the design of photo walls on internet which you would find helpful, but these ones on my idea, are the best.

  1. On the center.

This is one of the easiest photo walls you can try for your home. Just pick one or two big frames which you really love and place them on the center. After that, align smaller frames on their left and right side. This arrangement will look well organised and it will give your home a cool and elegant vibe.

2. Spiral.

Start with the picture that will be the main star of your gallery wall and, around it, arrange frames on a spiral. In this way you can make a story and make the first frame really stand out in the room.

3. Horizontal align.

Pick different sizes of frames and make sure you align them in a way they fit perfectly. It works great for black and white frames with artistic pictures and they will make your home really creative.   Try to have a match between them, such the same theme, or the similar frames, or monochromatic photos.

4. Reflection align.

In this arrangement you have to make order so just follow a horizontal or vertical line and arrange frames on their left and on their right, just like a reflection.  The result is going to be irregular, but aligned with a meaning.


5. Formal align.

Just align all your frames and create a perfect square or rectangle. It’s called formal align, and its perfect for people who really love their home to be perfectly organised.   Still its important to have some match in the group.


6. On the shelf.

Mix big and small frames and add them on a shelf. Follow a certain chromatic and theme. It works great next to televisions or bookcases and its perfect for hanging pictures with friends and family or framing different kinds of memories.   Its perfect when you do not want to make holes on the walls, and more easy to make frequently changes.

7. Overlaping.

This is a new twist on hanging pictures.  Consists on overlapping frames hung from knobs.  Again, its important to have some matches, can be frames, colours or materials..


8. Free style.

Its necessary to have an eye for this kind of arrangement.   Its a free misture of all the ones we talked before, with unidentified line, but makes sense.  Informal ambients.


Image from Pinterest

So, which style do you want to use?  If you liked the article, please give a word on the comments below and send me some photos from your picture walls 🙂