Plants for small apartments.

In my old life as a landscaper gardener people used to ask me if it is possible to have plants inside small apartments.    When I was pausing to think about the answer,  the continuation question comes in the second line: with low maintenance of course.

Of course.  Well the answer is yes, it is possible, with small variations about the climate and the humidity conditions.   Below I will show some plants that can live very well inside a small house or apartment.

  1. Dragon tree:  Originally from Canary Islands, Morocco and Madeira Island.  Small and big versions, absolutely don’t like the sun, so keep them away.   Ideal for offices.  Water twice a week.   It can grow very well when planted on the ground.

2. Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily):  Originally from America and Southeast of Asia.   This one is perfect for interior, does not have to be put close to the window, but if you can, it will give you nice white flowers all year.  Water twice a week.

3. Calathea: Originally from America.   Exuberant green fresh plant, tropical, very resistant, needs water twice a week.  Office conditions are ok too.

4. Sansevieria variegata:  Originally from Africa.   Water only twice a month, slow growth, low maintenance, very trendy and nice look.  Office friendly 🙂   Care with children and animals, can be very toxic if eaten.

5. Areca Palm:  Originally from Madagascar.   Like many other plants, they like warm temperatures, so keep it away from cold weather.   Likes water twice a week, medium sun.   No maintenance at all.   One of my favourites.

6. Philodendro:  Originally from Brasil.   As all tropical plants, does not appreciate low temperatures, but if you keep it inside it can bring a good atmosphere to your room.   Water twice a week.  Can grow a lot, if planted on big vases.



7. Monstera Deliciosa:  Originally from Mexico.   Exuberant tropical plant, likes water once a week, warm temperature, and no direct sun at all.  Can have sweet edible fruits similar to bananas.

8. Ficus Pandurata (Fiddle leaf fig):   Originally from Africa, Cameroon and Sierra Leoa.   Its a tropical plant, likes indirect light, warm temperatures and water twice a week.  Very intense green colour during all year.

9. Croton:  Originally from Malaysia and Australia.   It is a popular houseplant because of the huge variation in pattern and color of the foliage available.  Place the plant close to indirect light. In a dark place, it loses the beautiful leaf markings.  Does not like low temperatures.  Extremely toxic, so careful with children and animals.

10.  Crassula:  Originally from South Africa and Madagascar.  Gorgeous succulent plant known as Jade Plant.   It appears to be a bonsai, but it is not.  It needs low maintenance, but can not stand extreme temperatures, needs water only twice a month, and has very delicate leaves.


11. Sansevieria cylindric:  Originally from Angola, Africa.  Slow growth, water twice a month, does not need maintenance at all, little light, very office friendly.   It can give some thin flowers once a year.

12. Raphis Excelsa: Tropical plant, originally from China and Taiwan.   Perfect combination between exuberance and easy maintenance.   Water twice a week and place close to window.   Has a medium growth and can fulfil the vase very fast.  In that case, has to be transplanted to another vase.

13. Echeverias Crassulatas: There are many different species, all originally from Mexico deserts.   Some are more adapted to interior than others, they must be placed close to a window, receive water once a week in summer, but not more than once a month in winter, only on the soil, not on the leaves.   They are easy to maintain and multiply.

So, here Im sure you can find a plant the size and shape you like to include in your interior decoration.

See you on the next post!!!