Chalkboards, isn’t it a wonderful idea?

You know when you have a wall, big, small, side, or front wall, and you have absolute no idea how to use it?    Well, here you can have some inspiration for home or commercial uses of this, that was one of the most important school memories for all of us.. at least most of us..  ok, the ones that studied before tablets came on the market..  Actually they were very popular in 1960’s widely used in schools, which explains why our attention is immediately attached to these hand written letters     Only teachers were allowed to write or draw on them, so it provokes a kind of respect for the information on it.

Its in fact a good way of communication, information to others, easy to understand, to change and to adjust according to your needs.   Can be a reminder for yourself or for others.

Chalkboard is a wall soft painted with several layers of matte dark paint (usually black, occasionally dark green).  This surface allows you to draw or write as many times you want.  Its a funny way to use your forgotten unexpressive walls.   The pictures here are only illustrative, so you check the credits on their footnote.

Today chalkboards are being used a lot for weddings and parties, to welcome people at the entrance or as a thanks when you are leaving.   Can be used in digital platforms as well, for invitations or reminders… There are several websites to help you to draw a special feature to post on Instagram or facebook.    Check this link Pics art  and see how can be easy to create your own digital chalkboard.

Hope you liked this and if you want to try to make yourself your own chalkboard, please let me know and send some pictures..    We enjoy ideas!!