Home offices for all living style.

When it comes to a home workspace, we typically think of all the mess that the usual stuff creates around, like pc’s or note books, printers and scaner gadgets, papers files, all sorts of office materials spread turning the table a real nightmare.  No no no, with these ideas below, your working space will be everything but a small messy corner, believe me.   With a right amount of inspiration and some organisation effort, you’ll transform this place to a real effective room, and welcome for a home office.

Home 3 kilim

Loves this black contrasting wall, note the colourful rug….


On top of the desk, try to keep things fairly simple. Desks can turn into drop-zones for paperwork and clutter, and so keep this one in tip-top shape. If not, it is going to overwhelm the bedroom and the last thing we want is to make the bedroom less of a nice oasis.

So, no matter how is your home, how much space you have, its always a way of exploring it and creating a helpful charming home office.

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