Tiny spaces!!!

Nowadays, with the increasing need for smaller and smaller spaces, we begin to think how much we can decrease, how many meters we really need to live with relative comfort. There are many studies in this area, especially in countries where spaces become increasingly scarce and expensive. Designers from all over the world turn to this very current discussion and develop significant projects in this segment.   Here we are about to see three complete different inspirations to solve this space equation.

Below there is a project of the American Ana White that develops tailor-made  trailers specially designed for her clients, with exclusive interiors, executed by herself.   In that scenery every corner has to be adapted, every space has to be used, every small detail gets another proportion.

In the video below we can see how a space of 21 square meters can house a couple with comfort and still receive guests.

Off course, when we say about short measures, we mention a new way of living.

The residence-studio below is in China and it represents the new architecture in Asia.  Designed by BLUE Architecture Studio, the 43m2 house took the inspiration of public sharing spaces in traditional Beijing Hutong.   Conveys the vision that a home can be a open space and defines the relationships of the people who live inside and the relationships between people and the environment.   Its a new way to live with no walls, no divided rooms, all the spaces are shared 100% of the time.

Bellow another example of minimalist apartment, a 35m2 in Moscow designed by Alireza Nemati.    All the spaces are designed to store and provide the enough comfort for a couple, that can receive 10 – 12 guests in a party time!!   Note in the drawing there are no walls dividing rooms, except on toilet.   The chairs that are used on terrace are the same that plays the diner party on the table.   Furniture has to be flexible.

Living in such tiny places is an exercise of minimalistic living, by choosing whats is really important to have and what is really joyful in your life.   There is no place for the superfluous.   But can be highly gratifying also, cause you live close to what is really important to you.

The question is in the air: how many square meters do we really need to live?   Do you think you can live a minimal life?   Please leave your comments bellow and tell us how you think is living in a tiny place like those.

Hope you enjoyed, see you soon!!!