Laundry storage & organisation that look really amazing!!!

The laundries have been for a long time ceased to occupy a secondary place in our homes.   Nevertheless, they were never secondaries, but they were always hidden in dark and dead-end corridors, low floors and humid rooms.  But things are changing now. Also because the spaces are more scarce on smaller apartments, they are becoming important support rooms spotted in the most noticed spaces of the houses.

Attached to kitchens, toilets and even living rooms, they are becoming more charming and functional, far less boring look as the used to be.   The equipment also became more beautiful and efficient, with reduced noise and adjustable programs.  And a unprecedented amount of materials and colours choices that definitely help to turn this obscure places into fashion shutter corners.

Here we will show some tricks that will make laundromats more beautiful, organised and charming, as well as the rest of the house.   Lets follow.

Laundries 7

Inside a cabinet, with frost glass sliding doors, its eventually situated in a corridor or a kitchen, but very much likely to disappear when closed.   Inside, there must be space for shelves and compartments to solve all the storage issues.

Built-in laundry storage, some shelves open and some closed cabinets are enough to store all the ordinary materials, and still show organisation and style.

Stacked washer and dryer where the utility sink stood free up space on the wall for the shower and built-in dog bed.  Wonderful result.

Even a small bathroom corner can solve the laundry problem with charm and efficiency.  This Black cabinet combined with the white tiles gives a bit of contrast and modernity transforming this corner in a service area.

This arrange inside a niche on the corridor is my favourite solution, practical, functional, beautiful, technological.   Possible to adapt to any kind of house, from the traditional to the modern connected ones.  Sliding doors in all styles cast and close the idea.  Lovely.

Is there really a laundry in this picture?   Not only a laundry, but an entire kitchen is practically hidden inside this wooden slats doors on this dining room.    Sophisticated idea that shows that are limitless how you can work with your service areas.

Along the traditional closed in kitchen, in direction of the terrace, with natural light, is a natural way to extend a service department at your house.  Good point!

Still close to the kitchen, this is a solution for a tiny area, with a combo washer dryer machine.

Completely closed in a cabinet, this solution is perfect when you just want to forget about the whole area.   Just close the doors, that can be retractile just this one, not to be in the way when opened.   One of my favourites.

In a living room corner, again a closed solution can be useful attached to a cabinet where stands all the relative products.

Practical solution, with a counter top, with hangers and working lighting to make the work easier.  The tall cabinet beside helps with the organisation of the area.  Effective.

Similar area that holds the laundry area with lots of steel cabinets, with frost glass doors. I loved.

Closed by a curtain, this small corner can fit a lot of things, as you see here.  Shelves helps to organise the bigger items, and the plastic containers arrange the small ones.

A nice way to organise and separate things is on baskets like this ones, in a country style white service room.  Hangers over the bench helps with the ironed clothes.   Good lighting is also important, natural or artificial.

Inside a spacious bathroom is the perfect place to fit your laundry cabinet.   If possible to have lots of natural light, is even better.   Here an example of this combination.   Tidy and stylish.

So, if you liked this article, please leave your comments below, and tell me which of these service rooms you liked the most.  Hope to see you soon!!!