Stairs that steal the show!

They are not just construction elements which connect two or more levels but also an important design item, that represents the style and the personality of the persons that live inside this space. ย  I mean, has to be in harmony with the architectural lines, the interior choices and most of all, with the living conceipts of the of the ambient.

Therefore, staircases dont have to look common, as you can see here. ย I will show you some pictures from amazing stairs that have nothing close to boring, but really steel the show!!

Different interiors require something to fit in, so choosing the right staircases, you should also think of how it will complement the atmosphere in general.


Many people may think that stairs design itโ€™s the last thing to be thought about, but still, itโ€™s not least. Stairs always attract attention, regardless of features.

Circular stairs require a bigger space and can block you in carrying bulky things, but at the same time thanks to their circular shape can help you going up faster.

Nowadays attractiveness is not enough. People demand something more, so you can get more from staircases than you expected! Stairway designs often implies presence of extra space under staircases themselves and this option will save you from all possible mess around.

Floating staircases is a nice option to complement your almost perfect interior. Usually such staircases are performed in wood and metal, as theyโ€™re practical enough, steady and lightweight. Materials are not restricted to previous ones.

You can play with colors, shades, materials, textures, forms and scopes, donโ€™t limit your fantasy, because in the 21st century you can embody every single wish you have.

Staircases may have very different implementations, bear it in mind when you choose it and take into consideration all the peculiarities of your house, such as space saving and degree of efficiency.

I could write a lot more about the stairs but wanted to show really the special ones. ย Hope you liked it. ย  Please leave your comments below and wish to see you soon!!