Why black walls are so cool?

Well, it is not easy to explain, it’s a bit sensorial, its cultural, its intuitive.

But I will try to explain.

First, it is neutral.  It is a base for any other combination. Any other colors, design, style, texture, objects.   Anything you imagine you can add to a neutral black wall painted room.  Add blue, red, white, grey, orange, brown… any combination is perfect with the black background, any materials, any forms, any object.

Black 5

Black 8

Second, its vibrant. Again, anything you fit in front to a black wall just jump to the eyes.  Any furniture, any picture hanging in a black wall, any plants, any objects, any light seems to fit into these dark settings.

Black 11

Black 14

Third, its elegant.    Black is black.  So, it is, in interior decoration either.   Black is beautiful, its glamorous, it’s dramatic, it fulfils the room with so much class that is impossible to simply ignore.  That’s why night clubs and sophisticated restaurants were commonly painted in black or very dark colors.  To create this chic and misterious atmosphere that we love.

Black 13

Black walls 1

Forth, it’s versatil.  You can find an immense broad of products in the market in black color.  Textiles, tiles, paint, objects, lamps, leather, marble, plastic, bathroom parts, accessories, all different materials you can imagine.  This helps when you have to create an ambient that has some (or much) black inspiration.

Black 12

Black 6

Fifth, it is easy to use in different rooms, in different settings.  Outside, inside, garden, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, office, home theater..  Just imagine the possibilities.

Black 15

Black walls 20

At last, but not least, black is timeless, it surpasses the frontiers, the cultures, the countries, the social classes, its democratic an ageless.

Black 16

Black 9

Black 17

Black 10

Want to spice up your apartment?  Or simply want to promote deep changes in your house?  Try black.   Black is poetic, black is magic, black is comfortable, black is essential. You won’t regret.

Hope you like it 🙂  Please leave your comments below and say what do you think about black walls!

All images from Pinterest.